Imperial legion

Become a proud member of the Imperial Legion and fight to protect the Empire from its enemies. Discover the honor and glory that awaits you as you serve in the Emperor's army.
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Main article: Quests (Legends) Chapter 19 - The Siege of the Imperial City is the nineteenth mission in the main story line of The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Following the removal of the Orb of Vaermina from Lord Naarifin, the Empire planned to launch a quick campaign to remove the Aldmeri Dominion from the Imperial City and therefore Cyrodiil. However, the Emperor had been attacked by assassins. Too weak to lead the assault on the Imperial City, he ordered the Forgotten Hero to wear his armor…

Kenneth Tate
ArtStation - Skyblivion: Imperial Legion Armour Concept, Dean Cinquini Federal, Armor Concept, Imperial Legion, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Battle Armor, Pathfinder, Elder Scrolls Art, Elder Scrolls, Fantasy Armor

My redesign of Imperial Legion armour for 'TES V: Skyblivion'. I wanted the design to look similar to Frederick van de Bunt's concept art of Legion armour from the Skywind project. Since Oblivion is set only 6 years after Morrowind, I didn't want the armour to look like it had evolved too much from Frederick's concept. I also wanted to ensure that it didn't become more advanced than the legion armour designed by Adam Adamowicz for Skyrim (which was set 200 years after Oblivion).

Benjamin Beley