How to whiten clothes

Discover easy and effective methods to whiten your clothes at home. Say goodbye to dull and stained clothes with these simple techniques.
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When it comes to getting our whites white, everyone automatically thinks of bleach. Bleach, however, is pretty stinky and harsh. If you’re unsettled by the thought of putting something that noxious so close to your skin, there are other more natural alternatives to brighten your clothes. And you probably have most of these ingredients in...

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We all want our whites to be their brightest. But even for the most domestic among us, it's tough to keep them looking that way. Bleach is certainly an alternative, but you can't use it on everything. If this describes you, don't worry! Here is how to naturally whiten white clothes -- no harsh stuff necessary.

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Your guide to soaking, washing, and drying whites to fight stains and discolorationYou go to put on your favorite white tee, when you notice it's not looking so white anymore. White clothing, sheets, and other garments are a staple in the...

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Making white clothes shine again without spoiling the fabric is not an easy task. It is nearly impossible to whiten clothes made of wool and silk at home (at the very least, you’ll need special detergents). However, when it comes to cotton and synthetic products, you can use simple boiling — along with things like lemon, baking soda, and even... hairspray!

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