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Learn how to make a collage with these creative ideas and express your unique style. Discover techniques and tips to create stunning collages that showcase your memories and creativity.
How to Perfect the Salon-Style Hang: An Easy Guide | Rule of thumb - make sure the corner of one piece aligns with edge of another and keep the space between them uniform with  2-3 inches at the most. For less artworks to work with try grouping smaller pics together. Avoid placing larger pieces on the outside of group and well as directly center which draws attention to asymmetry in a distracting way. Instagram Photo Frame, Good Instagram Captions, Instagram And Snapchat, Creative Instagram Stories, Instagram Story Ideas, Simple Collage, How To Make Collage, Wall Collage, Photo Collage

Taking its name from the salons of the 19th century where dozens of artworks were squeezed together onto the walls as part of academic competitions, the salon-style hang looks effortlessly boho chic when done well—but can be very easy to mess up.

Cecilia Garrub
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Get creative and boost your crafting with a collage masterboard! Here's your guide to the supplies and a technique needed to create unique backgrounds for art journals and artist trading cards. What are collage masterboards? A collage Masterboard is a mixed media collage technique often used to create artist trading cards or to add to a junk journal. They use various found and collected papers and ephemera, some painted elements including stenciling, and stamped designs to form a background…