How to draw stairs

Learn how to draw stairs with these simple and effective steps. Master the art of sketching realistic staircases and bring depth to your drawings.
Art7A Beginning Drawing and Composition with William Smith: March 2011 Perspective Drawing Architecture, Perspective Drawing Lessons, Interior Architecture Drawing, Interior Design Drawings, Interior Sketch, Linear Perspective Art, Perspective Room, Architecture Career, Drawing Interior

We're back. Students practiced and explored drawing with India ink. In order to make tonalities with ink you have to use linear techniques: hatching (lines), cross-hatching (criss-crossing lines), stippling (dots) and patterns. Remember the closer the lines, the darker the value (or dots in regards to stippling). To acquaint ourselves with ink and pen, we played the Surrealist game, the "Exquisite Corpse." It requires at least 3 players. Fold a piece of paper into thirds or a section for…

Diane Ruth Rimmer