How to crochet ruffle edging

Learn how to crochet stunning ruffle edging for your projects with these easy-to-follow tutorials. Add a touch of elegance and flair to your crochet creations.
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Ruffle edging is a great way to add a fancy touch to the end of your crochet project. This How to Crochet Ruffle Edging video tutorial perfectly shows you and breaks down how you can create this edging. Whether you want to add a fancy or frilly touch to the end of your crochet project, this ruffle edging pattern is the way to go. Make yourself feel like royalty by adding some stunning ruffles to your next shawl or scarf, and really have fun with the pattern and design!

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This is a very basic double crochet ruffle border. If you have mastered the double crochet lesson, this will work up fast. You're going to need 2-3 skeins of contrasting colored yarn. Start by putting your hook through the corner hole where you initially started or ended the blanket. You should have a 3" or 4" tail from starting the blanket. Just lay the tail to the side, we're going to stitch over the top of it and it will lay inside the border. Then, start a slip knot loop with your border…

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