How to bleach whites

Discover how to bleach whites and achieve a bright, pristine look for your clothes. Follow our simple and effective tips to keep your whites looking fresh and clean.
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HOW TO KEEP WHITES WHITE I’ve always dreamed of having a home filled with beautiful white linens. In my imagination, our bedrooms are light and airy with beds covered in hotel-style comforters. There’s just one problem. Figuring out How to wash whites and keep them white. But in our home, whites just didn't like to stay white. Our bright white socks and t-shirts always seemed to yellow over time. Admittedly, that’s partly my fault. I am a chronic spiller. I spill coffee, soda, wine, pretty…

Carmen Meli
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I had a robe from Bath and Body Works that had become dingy. I didn't want to buy a new one- I was ready to try anything. So, I decided to go a little bleach-crazy- I had nothing to lose, I was about to throw it out anyhow! And so I learned how to ACTUALLY whiten clothes with bleach! (Fun fact- I wrote this article nearly seven years ago- and I STILL have this robe- no holes, tears or other issues! I don't recommend this method for weak fabrics, but for sturdy fabrics!? What do you have to…

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When it comes to getting our whites white, everyone automatically thinks of bleach. Bleach, however, is pretty stinky and harsh. If you’re unsettled by the thought of putting something that noxious so close to your skin, there are other more natural alternatives to brighten your clothes. And you probably have most of these ingredients in...

Lori Simmons
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Do you ever find it so frustrating when you accidentally include a colored garment with the batch of your white clothes during laundry? Only to realize after a regular cycle that the white clothes ended up stained with some dye? Do not fret because we will learn how to bleach clothing white.

Helen Spiropoulos
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Your guide to soaking, washing, and drying whites to fight stains and discolorationYou go to put on your favorite white tee, when you notice it's not looking so white anymore. White clothing, sheets, and other garments are a staple in the...

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