Homemade sweetened condensed milk recipes

Make your own sweetened condensed milk at home with these delicious recipes. Discover how easy it is to create creamy and sweet treats for your family and friends.
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Thick, smooth and boasting an intense butterscotch flavour, dulce de leche is the queen of caramel sauces. Translated as ‘sweet from milk’ (and pronounced DOOL-say duh LAY-chay), dulce de leche is made from sweetened milk that has been simmered until a thick dark sauce forms. While this Argentinian specialty has only been available in supermarkets here in recent years, our love for it is no surprise. As a nation with condensed milk running through our veins, we’ve secretly been eating it for…

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Condensed milk is heaven on earth... you simply can't tell me otherwise! So I'm a sucker for Condensed Milk Recipes that Highlight my love for this delicious ingredient! Obviously, I am a huge fan of condensed milk, and therefore condensed milk recipes! It's so delicious and easily turns a blah dish into something special! Plus,

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