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Discover top ideas and tips for your home automation project. Take control of your home's lighting, security, and more with these innovative solutions.
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Blinds Control With ESP8266, Google Home and Openhab Integration and Webcontrol: In this Instructable I show you how I added automation to my blinds. I wanted to be able to add and remove the automation it, so all installation is clip on. The main parts are: Stepper motor Stepper driver controlled bij ESP-01 Gear and mo…

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Home automation is a trending topic these days so I wanted to share with you a new project. We are going to control AC appliances over the internet using an Android phone from anywhere around the world. I used an ESP8266 development board as the main controller. Here we will be using RemoteMe services. If you have no

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With six people in our family our calendar is FULL. If we don’t have an organized method to keep track of events, things will get missed. We have tried many different family command center variations. Wall calendars, clipboards with lists, chalkboard and dry erase weekly planners. You name it and we’ve probably tried it. It’s easy to get lost in the many beautiful command center ideas you find on Pinterest. One aspect of the typical family command centers that has been our downfall in the…

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