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Last September my cousin, Josh, turned 9, and he is a huge fan of The Hobbit. So he wanted to have a Lord Of The Rings themed birthday party!! [see part 1 here] You can follow Grace's pinterest board to see where many of the ideas came from! Links below to other blogs where the Lembas Bread recipe and templets came from... The food and drink was one of the most fun parts! [And certainly the most important part, if you ask any decent hobbit]. I'll let the food speak for itself... "It comes in…

Veronica a.k.a. Lalwende
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The quest for the One Ring began on weekend in January at the house of a certain Hobbit. Decorated with giant Ents (paper trees) and a decal of a Middle Earth fellowship, the meal was a feast fit for a Dwarven King and Hobbit eleventy-first birthday party alike: Hobbit foods tend to be luxurious and abundant. We had a hoard of creatures coming over that ate even more than Hobbits; Teenagers! In preparation, we had treats from all over the Middle Earth. I have never bought into the idea that…

Anneke Neef
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I wanted to share some photos from our Hobbit Party this past September. Better late than never, right? This was our first year hosting our Hobbit Party at our new house, and it turned out quite well! I’m so grateful to the friends who came over, several of them driving in from out of town, to spend

Brandon Brinkley