History of typography

Explore the captivating journey of typography, from the earliest ancient scripts to the evolution of modern fonts. Discover how typography has shaped communication throughout history and gain a deeper appreciation for this timeless art form.
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It's History (Typography Timeline)

Research, Reading & Illustrator Designing Recently, we have been learning a lot about Typography and it's origins. In the past I spent most of my AS levels learning about the origins of Fashion, art pieces and other Art related areas. So, I have found these seminars to be quite interesting. After our typography seminars, we were given a two week project to complete over the Christmas holidays I've gone ahead and conducted some research of my own in order to find out a bit more about…

Carol Ratcliff
TYPE Classification by Matthew Chan, via Behance  This will definitely be helpful when it comes to identifying fonts! Typeface Classification, Anatomy Of Typography, Typography Rules, Type Anatomy, Type Classification, Typographie Inspiration, Decorative Styles, Typo Design, 타이포그래피 포스터 디자인

TYPE Classification

Every typeface has own charisma. It make us have a choice to select a suitable typeface for our work. This project is a type classification, I would like to have a information system for highlight their characteristic and let you understand which area's t…

Kim O'Brien