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Dessins architecturaux colorés, soulignés d'accents jaunes. L'artiste ukrainienne Yuliia Zvetkova, Les bâtiments extérieurs et le design intérieur sont explores de manière sensible et attrayante Art, Watercolour Art, Inspiration, Art Drawings, Art Sketchbook, Watercolor Art, Art Drawings Simple, Art Drawings Sketches Simple, Art Drawings Sketches

Colorful architectural drawings, highlighted with yellow accents. Ukrainian Artist Yuliia Zvetkova, seems to have a real fascination with the color yellow. If you have a look at her Instagram page, as well as the drawings, it contains all things yellow. A really bight and cheerful page. Both exterior buildings and interior design, are explored and shown in the images below, making this, quite a complete architecture post. I hope that wherever you are on our little blue planet, that your day…