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Experience the ultimate performance with a Hemi engine. Discover top ideas to enhance your vehicle's power and speed with this iconic engine technology.
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Kevin Garce February 26, 2023 The Hemi Engine was such a huge success and is iconic in the automotive industry. For this reason many people wonder who invented the 426 Hemi and designed it. The 426 Hemi Engine was invented by the Chrysler Corporation headed by President Lynn Townsend who commissioned and approved the development. Assistant Chief Engineer Willem Weertman

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Known for 500-1,000 cid engines for drag racing, truck pulling, extreme muscle cars, and boat applications, Sonny's Racing Engines has been delivering innovative engine designs and uncompromising performance for more than 50 years. Excellent examples of that engineering are the engines Sonny built for Sunnen's Charity Engine Sweepstakes. The 2019 engine is this 762 cid Hemi. Find out what went into the $66,000 build!

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