Hawaiian candy

Indulge in the tropical flavors of Hawaiian candy. From fruity to chocolatey, discover a wide variety of mouthwatering treats that will transport you to the islands.
Tropical Hawaiian Snowballs.  I added two tablespoons of chopped, candied pineapple and doubled the coconut extract. Desserts, Ideas, Tea, Hawaiian Desserts, Hawaiian Food, Hawaiian, Polynesian Food, Tea Cookies, Russian Tea Cookies

These delicious cookies are like snowballs in that when they are left out they disappear quickly. No, they don't melt, but it seems that they attract little menehune (Hawaiian elves) that just love to gobble them all up when you're not looking! Cooking time includes 30 minutes for cookies to cool off. Also feel free to play around with the extracts. I have used pineapple extract with coconut extract, coconut and banana, and butter, rum and vanilla. All have come out well!

Mandy Willis