Harry potter themed christmas

Transform your Christmas into a magical wizarding experience with these enchanting Harry Potter themed ideas. From decorations to recipes, explore the world of Hogwarts this holiday season.
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It's been nearly 3 weeks since our Potter Christmas party, so I figured I should finally show you guys the GOOD pictures. Plus last time I missed all kinds of fun details I want you to see! This will be a recap, so please forgive any repeats. I want to get all the party stuff in one place, and I'll be linking to relevant tutorials along the way. So if you see something you want more details on, just click the link! Let's start in the front room again: With bonus Lily. If you've never seen…

Jessie Swillum
EPBOT: We Made A Phoenix Topper For Our Harry Potter Tree! Halloween, Hogwarts Christmas, Harry Potter Christmas Decorations, Harry Potter Halloween, Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments, Harry Potter Christmas Tree, Harry Potter Ornaments, Harry Potter Party, Harry Potter Christmas

WARNING: There are scammer sites currently trying to sell our Phoenix topper using stolen photos from this post. John and I don't sell these, so please don't purchase from anyone claiming to make these online! Also if you see the ads on Facebook, please report them, and warn others in the comments. Thanks, gang! ***** I still don't have the best pictures of this yet, but I just can't wait any longer to show you guys: BEHOLD! Our new Phoenix tree topper! ::flails:: Would you believe we…

Melanie Dunn