Hamptons house landscaping

Transform the exterior of your Hamptons house with stunning landscaping ideas. Create a picturesque and inviting outdoor space that complements the charm of your home.
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There's no doubt the Hamptons look is a popular choice in Australia. It tends to be a timeless design and suits our way of living. Here are five key features you should consider when designing your Hamptons style home. 1. Outdoor Living Australia is well known for it sunny weather so our outdoor spaces are a key design element when building or renovating our homes. Add in a gorgeous al fresco area or deck with room for an outdoor table and the all important BBQ. To add that Hamptons vibe…

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When we bought this block due to it's large size of over 2000 square metres ( or half an acre) we knew landscaping it would be a huge and most likely expensive job. We decided to hire a local landscaper just to plan a design that we could refer back on so we could then complete all sections at our own pace. Really happy with how the plan turned out - the front of the house will be quite formal with retaining walls, ornamental pear trees, grasses, box hedges, camellias, gardenias etc while…

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