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Discover effective strategies and resources for fostering a growth mindset in your classroom. Empower your students to embrace challenges, persevere, and achieve their full potential.
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3 Activities to Introduce Growth Mindset in the Classroom - LittleYellowStar

Looking to introduce Growth Mindset to your students? Check out these easy and FREE activities to introduce growth mindset in the classroom!

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How to Encourage ALL Your Students to Create Art (even those who don't want to) - Ms Artastic

Encouraging students to make art can sometimes happen easily and other times, it's a challenge. You bring out, act out, or show your "hook" and BAM! They're engaged and are wanting to do their best. Depending on the age or the student's own personal experience with creating art, this is sometimes a challenge and you might even get a complete refusal. As a teacher, it is our job to encourage a student to create. After many years of experience teaching, and having taught art to students from…

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Growth Mindset Display Classroom

Outus 22 Pieces Growth Mindset Posters Bulletin Board Positive Sayings Accents Display Set Homeschool or Classroom Decorations for Teachers and Students Bedroom Nursery Playroom Decor (Dark Color)

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The Magical Yet: A Growth Mindset Book for Kids

Having a growth mindset can be challenging when students start school. Kids will make mistakes, fail, and come face to face with obstacles during kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. We can teach them to have a growth mindset, persevere, and change their mindset. The Magical Yet is a top-notch growth mindset book for kids to help illustrate the power of "yet" and the importance of goal setting. You'll also enjoy FREE smart goal journal templates for your students in the classroom!

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Reach for the Stars!

Do you incorporate growth mindset discussions in your classroom? We have made a concerted effort to keep students motivated by talking about how our mindset determines our ability to achieve success. And we have seen results! Our students are continuously putting forth effort and showing great determination. The sighs and choruses of "I can't" slowly but surely faded into 'a-has' and chants of "I'll keep trying!" One way to ensure that this becomes a central part of our classrooms is to make…

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Top 5 Classroom Decor Trends - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

Another back to school season has just wrapped up here in Australia and as always, I LOVE stickybeaking into my beautiful BFFs’ classrooms for a new school year! As the OG Queen of classroom decor trends, I’m often asked for advice - not only when it comes to which of my decor packs to use, but also how to style them, too! Using some of my new packs along with the incredible classrooms from my community this year, I wanted to help show you what’s possible with my resources - including…

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