Growth and decay

Discover the fascinating world of growth and decay. From nature's cycles to artistic representations, explore the beauty and significance of these transformative processes.
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Photographer Krista Steinke spends her summers at Purgatory Road, a wooden region of rural New York that is divided by an infamous dirt-covered path. On one side of the road is a cavernous slope that is ominous, damp, and bug infested. On the opposite side lies a lush, peaceful forest. The intersection of this unusual landscape sets the tone for her series, also titled Purgatory Road. Here, she uses her camera to explore a metaphoric state of “in-between”.

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At the gorilla exhibit, at the Knoxville Zoo, there was a bronzed plaque of a grown chimp’s hand for visitors to compare their hand size to that of a grown chimp. This is an image of my two year old son, comparing his hand to the chimp’s. EXIF Data: Camera: NIKON D5000 Shutter Speed: 1/160s Read More ...

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