Grow asparagus

Learn how to successfully grow asparagus in your garden with these expert tips. Discover the best practices for planting, caring for, and harvesting delicious asparagus spears.
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Forget all that digging, mounding, and continual backfilling. Growing asparagus in a raised bed cuts out most of the work of planting and harvesting them, and the extra warmth means they'll come up sooner in spring too. This step-by-step guide will show you how to plant asparagus for maximum product

Renee Z
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Do you dream of growing fresh, crisp asparagus but think it's impossible due to your limited gardening space? Think again! Asparagus, that delightful springtime vegetable, can thrive in containers. It is a resilient and perennial crop that adds a delightful touch to both elegant kitchen gardens and permaculture food forests. Once the plants have firmly taken root, gardeners can enjoy an annual yield of tender asparagus shoots.

Jean Bragg