Grouted stone fireplace

Transform your living space with a stunning grouted stone fireplace. Discover top ideas to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.
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Learn how to brighten up your fireplace with this German Schmear Stone Fireplace Tutorial. Go from dark stone to bright and clean!

Sallee Collett
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Light stone fireplace inspiration! Get the modern rustic look you are wanting for your home. From limestone to white washed brick and chunky mantels.

Julie Weidenheft
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how we cleaned and prepped our outdated stone fireplace before we whitewashed it using vinegar and a drill bit brush attachment.

Katie Shaffer
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When the fireplace takes center stage in a design, every glance becomes a warm and cozy moment 🔥♥️ #ixlbuild Product: Casa Blanca RoughCut | Eldorado Stone Mason: @wilkmasonry

Tiffany Novak
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This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. Our bedroom has undergone a lot of changes in the last six months, but I think our fireplace has gone through the most changes. We initially thought about tearing it out completely and re-doing it in a far simpler fashion, but against all odds–I’m attached to it. It’s real […]

Jo-Annie Larose
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After you voted to make our stone fireplace work in the mountain fixer, we got to "schmearing" and...I think I like it. Here's our stone fireplace makeover.

Lindsay Schneider
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Yes, I’m still here—alive and well! Taking some time off to focus on work and soak up these last few weeks of summer. Luckily it will stay warm here for at least a couple more months (and hopefully bring some rain with the change in seasons… this drought is the worst!) But back to decorating. […]

Julie G
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With our fireplace project completely wrapped up, I thought it may be helpful to create a tutorial about how we did the grouting step. We built our fireplace from scratch and left gaps between the stone veneer when we installed it to be able to add grout, but I have seen other bloggers and YouTubers

Lorna Larsen