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Get ready for the ultimate grill party with these delicious and crowd-pleasing ideas. From mouthwatering recipes to creative decor tips, discover everything you need to host an unforgettable outdoor gathering.
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Love cooking outdoors on that barbecue grill? We love entertaining outside in the summer, sitting on the porch, waiting for an easy but delicious dinner that is simmering away on the grill. All those delicious smells and flavors can be yours, too. We spent this past month researching and testing out some of the top

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Grilled Chicken Tortillas served with zesty Spicy Guacamole! Tender chicken thighs are marinated in a flavourful blend of soy sauce, honey, and citrus, then grilled to perfection. Pair them with homemade guacamole featuring roasted jalapeños and garlic for an extra kick. Wrapped in warm tortillas, these mouthwatering tacos are sure to be a hit at your next barbecue or weeknight dinner. Follow our easy recipe below to bring bold flavours to your table!

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For a truly impressive backyard barbecue, you need the right tools and a great plan for a successful day out in your yard. Larger outdoor parties like these come with their own challenges, and since you'll be spending lots of time in front of the grill, it's important to prepare ahead of time. That's why we've collected 12 of the best tips to make sure your grillout is fun, easy and delicious.

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