Grease cleaner

Say goodbye to stubborn grease stains with these powerful cleaner solutions. Discover the best ways to keep your kitchen sparkling clean and grease-free.
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Grease. It seems to get everywhere in my kitchen. Of course I'm sure that this wonderful humid summer we're having & my ceiling fan in the kitchen being on almost nonstop, had a bit to do with that problem too. But I'm not really a fan of spraying a chemical degreaser while the fan is on. Let alone when the fan is on & it still feels like a million degrees. This Simple DIY Degreaser is super easy to make & use. Of course if you have a really tough job, you may need to add a bit of elbow…

Amanda Morgan
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Of all the areas of our homes, the kitchen is by far the most dirt-prone area. This is due to the fact that food preparation and storage is done in the kitchen. If you have kids they will be in and out, opening and closing your kitchen cabinet doors. You also have the likes

Jo Ann Sangrey
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Aside from the unappealing look of fingerprints, smudges, and grease splatter, dirty cabinets actually pose a health hazard. Plus, the build-up of grime can eventually damage the paint. But have no fear, you can keep them clean with a few easy steps, allowing them to look better and last longer.

Amanda Childers