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The Guide to Keeping Up With Google: Hashtags, Twitter, G+, Communities, Blogs and Channels You Should Follow | Shake Up Learning | Organisation, Youtube, Apps, Google Forms, Google Tools, Google Education, Server, Google Docs, Google Drive

Hashtags, Twitter, G+, Communities, Blogs and YouTube Channels You Should Follow! I often get asked, “How do you keep up with Google?” Well, first let me say that it’s almost impossible! However, social media is how I attempt to stay abreast of all things Google. So I decided to compile a list of people, blogs, communities, and YouTube channels that I follow. Below is a start... It is far from comprehensive, but below you will find links to great educators, official Google accounts and…

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Reflection photography is a challenging and special sort of photography that requires a good grasp of angles and perspective and an ever-vigilant artist's eye. These 25 photos are just a few examples of the amazing reflection photos that can be taken if you keep your eyes open. Instead of shooting a beautiful scene head-on just as you see it, you may have to change your perspective drastically or even shoot upside-down.

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