Ghost light

Discover the intriguing world of ghost lights and explore creative ideas to incorporate them into your space. Illuminate your surroundings with a touch of mystery and enchantment.
The Ghost Trackers Case Files: Book 1 - Ghost Trackers Case Files Prologue - Jordy_Marie Horror, Haunted Places, Picture, Fotos, Cable Television, Fotografie, Eerie, Dark Side, Haunting

Brody, Andy, and Miles are the members of the use-to-be-hot show Ghost Trackers. Their show is about to bite the dust, but the network has one more trick up their sleeve; hiring a psychic. Lock a major psychic skeptic (Brody) , two of his easily led friends, and a beautiful yet mysterious psychic with amazing gifts in some of the most haunted locations for 10 hours. . . yeah, that will go well. But Amelia, the psychic, has some tricks up her sleeve as well. Can Brody and Amelia make it…

Trudy Leinweber