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Famous people are in the limelight more often than not and this makes them the subject of much adulation, attention, adoration and also ridicule. This means that they cannot take a step outside without some form of them being recorded for all posterity. This kind of attention and constant analysis of their life is such a big part of famous people, that though they lament the lack of privacy on one hand, they also miss it when they do not get it all the time. That is why it should not…

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Neanderthals are the closest extinct human relative. With their large middle part of the face, huge nose, and angular cheekbones, they seem like completely different creatures to us—cavemen. However, they were not so different from us as their brains were as large as ours and there’s even some evidence that they buried their dead, occasionally marking graves with offerings such as flowers. And that’s something that no other primate or human species has ever practiced beside us.

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