Fruit platter ideas party trays simple

Create a stunning fruit platter for your next party with these simple and delicious ideas. Impress your guests with a refreshing and healthy option that everyone will love.
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This vibrant fruit platter with various colors of the rainbow is super easy to make and tastes delicious. It is the perfect party platter for birthday parties, picnics and potlucks! Chop up some fruit, lay it in a line and you have a gorgeous fruit platter that everyone will love.

Ellen Atwood
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Some of you may remember the gnarly (and slightly evil-looking) Mr. Fruit Head my mom made last year for our Family Reunion. This year she decided to make Rainbow Fruit Kabobs. How beautiful are these?! You will need… Raspberries Mandarin Orange Segments Pineapple, cut into chunks Green Grapes Purple Grapes Blueberries Skewers Thread fruit onto […]

Lisa Lantow
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Cake Fruit Platter • Brunch Fruit Platter • Artistic Fruit Platter • Turkey Fruit Platter • Watermelon Fruit Platter • More ...

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Master the art and learn how to make a fruit platter for any special occasion. You can create stunning fruit trays with these great fruit platter ideas and this free printable fruit template.

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