Frost cupcakes

Elevate your cupcakes with these delicious frosting ideas. Explore different flavors and techniques to create beautifully frosted cupcakes that will impress everyone at your next gathering.
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How to Frost Cupcakes: Step-by-Step Tutorial with Video!

Learn how to frost your cupcakes with this amazing tutorial and video demonstrating nine different ways to frost a cupcake using six different piping tips!

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Vanilla Cupcakes (that actually stay moist)

Recipe video above. Your search for the perfect Vanilla Cupcakes is over! These have a professional bakery-style crumb that's way more plush and velvety than typical recipes. And very importantly, these stay perfectly fresh for 4 days - unheard of!While for Vanilla Cake, I prefer using a standmixer, for these cupcakes, I find it's easier to use a handheld beater - see notes for why.Metric - click button above ingredients. Sweetness - Note 11. Cake flour - no need, better with plain flour…

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How to Frost Cupcakes 6 Ways with Tip 1M - Curly Girl Kitchen

Improve your cupcake decorating with this easy photo tutorial showing you how to frost cupcakes in six pretty styles, using just tip 1M.

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