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PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING! Ello my lovelies Lizzy here to present another Boyfriend Scenarios series featuring Boku No Hero Academia because I love it and the show deserves so much love. Name: (Y/N) (L/N) (H/C)= hair color (S/C)=skin color (E/C)=eye color (H/L)=hair length (F/A)= favorite animal (P/N)=Pet name (f/c)=favorite color (s/f/c)= second favorite color A lot of the scenarios will either be in his/her point of view, your point of view, or in third person.

Back and Front Character Ref by Beta-Type-Jakuri on DeviantArt Drawing People, Body Drawing, Body Template, Drawing Reference Poses, Body Sketches, Drawing Poses, Back Drawing, Drawing Base, Girl Drawing

Description This is one of my earliest bare-bones poses. I had to look off this itty-bitty tiny picture to even draw the back and front poses out to this point. I know it's anything but perfection, but I worked my rear off on this for a long time to even get it to this point. I know there are some people who like to use these sorts of bare-bone lineart pose thingies as reference for a picture of their own, or for helping along with anatomy, so I figured I'd upload this since I did have it on…