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Indulge in a hearty serving of food humor that will have you laughing out loud. Discover amusing jokes, puns, and memes that will satisfy your appetite for laughter.
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You know those playful meals parents make for kids so they'll eat vegetables? Well, Japanese food artist Sana takes this to a whole new level with her “Peanuts”-inspired dishes. She is seemingly able to turn any food into the characters of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, and this creativity has earned her 120K followers on Instagram.

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Corinne (otherwise known as _ghoul_mom_ on social media) is a talented and creative food artist from DC. As a mother of two children, she found herself passionate about creating whimsical, fun food art at the start of the pandemic. Her unique and playful creations quickly became a way to bring joy and laughter to children, inspire them to try new foods, and make meal times more enjoyable.


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