Folding napkins for christmas

Elevate your Christmas table decor with these creative napkin folding ideas. Impress your guests with unique napkin designs that add a festive touch to your holiday dining experience.
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Imagine your Christmas dinner table setting, complete with little Christmas trees on each place setting. Learning this fold technique to create Christmas trees from your napkins is sure to make you the hit of the

Janis Hough Winschuh
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I love making a gorgeous holiday table. You may have see my inexpensive dollar store Thanksgiving table that I posted the other day. One thing I'm not great at? Folding napkins. Napkins are not only a practical item for a holiday table setting but also an opportunity to add an elegant touch to your decor.

Brenda McMillan
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Christmas Tree Napkin Fold: Learning this Christmas tree napkin fold technique really upped my holiday table setting game and I'd like to spread the (napkin) joy. The following super simple steps result in nothing less than a modern, classy, and I can't help but say it, ador…

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Add a festive touch to your Christmas dinner table with cloth napkins shaped like beautiful poinsettia flowers. This easy tutorial will guide you through the simple steps of folding these charming napkins, making your holiday table setting even more special.

Cindy Scott Stubblefield