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Foil Transfer Art: This is a fun, colorful project that anyone can create. Experiment with different colors, designs, and patterns. The end product looks like you've tie-dyed your paper. It makes a beautiful framed gift, homemade card, or simple wall art. This proj…

Dionis Roman
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This was a super fun project my Grades 4- 6 mixed elective class did at the end of this school year. They LOVED this project- some even made 2 or 3. I pretty much followed the excellent instructions posted HERE on the "We Heart Art" blog. She found the idea on the Fine Lines blog. I was worried we would have to use that chunky yarn (of which I had none) but regular yarn worked well. I collect empty cereal boxes from my students all year long and stockpile them for projects such as these…

MeghanKatherine Boyer
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I love the look of 3 dimensional art and metal embossing is a fun way to come up with a unique project. This week, I took one of my older patterns, Holiday Partridge, and made her into a brilliant foil embossed piece of art. This easy DIY project is based off of grade school memories.

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I have very clear memories of doing foil art at a summer camp I worked at in America. Anyway, this is probably one of those crafts that you did as a child/teenager, and have completely forgotten about. It is very easy to set up and simple to do, although I do think that older children will have more fun doing it.


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