Flare sleeves pattern

Elevate your style with trendy flare sleeves patterns. Discover the latest fashion trends and create a fashionable look with these eye-catching designs.
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Bell sleeves are characterized by their flared shape, where the width of the sleeve increases towards the cuff, resembling the shape of a bell. The sleeves, which add a touch of femininity and elegance to clothing, vary in length, flare, and style.

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Easy pattern making shares some great pattern making & design ideas - Design a Butterfly Sleeve in a step-by-step tutorial for all sewers & pattern makers.

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR WIDE BELL SLEEVE STEP 1: For your bell sleeve start off with a basic sleeve block STEP 2: Take your ruler and extend the side of your sleeve pattern from the biceps. Usually I extend my sleeve pattern out 8-12 inches depending on how dramatic I want to sleeves. STEP 3: Draw a line as illustrated that connects the bottom of your bell sleeve from one end to the other and now you have a FULL (one piece) Bell Sleeve. INSTRUCTIONS FOR BELL SLEEVES WITH BOTTOMS SEAMS STEP by STEP