Flannel moth

Discover interesting facts about the flannel moth and its unique characteristics. Learn more about this intriguing creature and its role in the ecosystem.
Black-waved Flannel Moth Megalopyge (Lagoa) crispata Family Megalopygidae Photograph copyright by Tony Leukering Nature, Bugs And Insects, Moth Caterpillar, Moth Species, Arthropods, Beetles, Species, Animals Bugs, Flannel Moth

Scopula purata Family Geometridae, subfamily Sterrhirnae Photograph copyright by Tony Leukering 10 June 2012 Steelmantown bog CMMP block D12 Distribution map Like Horned Spanworm, Chalky Wave is a geometer, readily discerned as such by its spread-wing posture at rest. Though it may not appear so in this picture due to the strong focus on the moth, when I found it, I initially passed it off as a bird dropping. Fortunately, I looked closer! Even a quick glance at the distribution map will…

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