First grade art

Explore a variety of creative and fun art projects for first grade students. Encourage their imagination and artistic skills with these engaging ideas that are perfect for young learners.
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This lesson is an original by Julie Werkman, who I student taught with 25 years ago. It is a great lesson for teaching the elements of art! Line, shape, color, texture, and value are all worked in! Any fishy book of your choice maybe the inspiration! First, we paint some light to dark blue waves on a large 18x24 blue construction paper for our fish bowl. I pre-trace the fish bowl on the back of the paper before the next class, then students cut out and add seaweed and rocks! After painting a…

Elizabeth Woodward
Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Dali Style Spring Birds Elementary Art, Pre K, Art Lesson Plans, Elementary Art Projects, Kindergarten Art Projects, Art Lessons Elementary, Classroom Art Projects, Kindergarten Art, Teaching Art

We drew birds together and then in the style of Salvador Dali we gave them extremely long legs. We painted the birds with cool colors and then painted the background with warm colors. This super cute idea is from the Jamestown Elementary Art Blog We used How to Draw a Bird From Deep Space Sparkle

Buggy and Buddy
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Sometimes you do a project with your students that is just so perfect for their age level and ability that everybody is happy with the outcome, this is that project. I started this project by reading "Color Blocked" to my first grade students. They loved the book!Supplies needed: "Color Blocked" Book, Sharpies, 12"x 18" paper, watercolors, watercolor brushes, containers for water, paper towels.Welcome your first graders into the classroom and seat them at the rug for a quick story. After…

Megan Lykken