Fire officer

Learn about the key skills and responsibilities of a fire officer. Find out how fire officers play a crucial role in protecting lives and property, and discover how you can become a fire officer yourself.
Police, Vogue, Fdny, Fighter, Fire Rescue, Ems, Emt, Firemen, Fire Service

Welcome to my happiness. I don’t take pix to make money, I do this for first responders and military units as a way of paying back for all of the support we were given after our young family member was killed in Iraq, in 2004. You are welcome to download my pix for personal or agency/department use, for no charge. Disregard the shopping cart unless you want SmugMug to print for you - And no, I don’t get money when you do this. Enlarge the pic(s) you want, then cut & paste, or click the SAVE…

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