Filled easter eggs

Discover fun and creative ways to fill your Easter eggs. Make this Easter egg hunt extra special with unique and exciting surprises inside each egg.
Biscoff ganache eggs with dulce de leche Recipe | Good Food Biscuits, Scones, Desert Recipes, Desserts, Cheesecakes, Biscoff, Ganache Recipe, Chocolate Recipes, De Leche Recipe

There was a wild and furious internet moment of chocolate eggs filled with cheesecake and then Biscoff. Loved the concept, not so much the cheesecake filling, so I have swapped it out for a Biscoff ganache. Given the richness, I have suggested each half eggshell to serve 2. You could also fill smaller hunting-sized Easter eggs for individual serves.

Lizzie Bennett
Half a chocolate Easter egg filled with a no bake cheesecake filling and lots of Easter treats! Desserts, Easter Recipes, Cheesecakes, Brunch, Easter Dessert, Easter Egg Dessert, Easter Desserts Recipes, Easter Cheesecake, Easter Baking Ideas

Easter egg meets cheesecake in this outrageously decadent dessert. Chocolate Easter eggs with a crumbly Lotus biscoff biscuit mixture and stuffed to the brim with a no-bake cheesecake filling. Topped off with all your favourite Easter treats this is an Easter EGGSTRAVAGANZA! I'm going to preface this recipe by putting it out there that you

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