Festivals around the world

Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures and traditions of different countries with our list of the top festivals around the world. Experience the excitement and joy of these unique celebrations and create unforgettable memories.
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Let’s be honest, traveling the world is only as fun as the exciting adventures you embark on and the new experiences you have as you discover foreign cultures. Festivals are a great way to have a fantastic time with others while engaging with local customs in a tangible way. Not to mention it’s an incredibly […]

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Getting people together is at the heart of what we love about planning parties and events around the world. So, why not take a tour of some of the world’s biggest gatherings? While not all festivals can include a Beychella performance, there are art festivals, moon celebrations, new year’s parties and so many other reasons to get family and friends in one place to uplift one another and carry on traditions that have been around for many generations. From the lantern festival of Chiang Mai to…

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