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Presenting portrait photography in black and white colors has a unique and specific kind of art. These photographers express themselves more subtly, leaving the viewers to create their own emotions reflected from a more subjective point. We represent you some of the most astonishing black and white photos portraying beautiful…

Charlotte Snel
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Photos from school have the magic ability to capture the moment and remind us of what life was like back then. Actresses’ or actors’ yearbook photos allow us to see the regular human beings before stardom hit them. They were just regular students with their own styles and hobbies. It seems like yearbook photos throw us all back to the years of school and piles of homework. These types of old celebrity photos are full of nostalgia and a certain prestige.

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Countries differ from each other in a multitude of ways, such as geography, culture, history, political systems, economies, and demographics. However, these things aren't always apparent when you visit them. So, digital artist Crypto Tea got interested in how others see the big picture. Then, she used artificial intelligence (AI) to depict it.