Feathered serpent

Explore the intriguing legends and symbolism surrounding the Feathered Serpent. Discover the ancient civilizations and cultures that revered this mystical creature.
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2019, pen, ink, digital (Autodesk Sketchbook Pro) Mythology and history is of great interest to me, and I've always found creatures like Jormungandr (the Norse world serpent) and Quetzalcoatl (the feathered serpent of the ancient Mexican pantheon) to be fascinating creatures, There's always the wonder of what helped to create the image of such a thing in the origins. Anyway, here was my take on a quick sketchup of my interpretation on the mythology.

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Change to the Campaign I am making a few changes to the campaign. First the Warrior Priests and the Shorn Ones unit kits that were planned as stretch goals will become part of the main campaign as soon as I get the artwork in for both units. The stretch goals will be made up of heroes and monsters. So, I moved up Itzpapalotl, The Obsidian Wings to be the first stretch goal at the $8000 mark. I ha...

VATICAN CITY—In an effort to strengthen their relationship and foster interfaith… Religion Catolica, Religion And Politics, Interfaith Dialogue, Feathered Serpent, Pale Horse, Sea Monsters, Ancient Symbols, New World Order, Pope Francis

VATICAN CITY—In an effort to strengthen their relationship and foster interfaith dialogue, Pope Francis reportedly welcomed the winged Mayan snake god Kukulkan to the Vatican this week as part of a month-long deity exchange program. “We are excited to have the War Serpent staying here with us for the next four weeks,…

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