Faux plaster walls

Transform your space with faux plaster walls. Explore top ideas to add texture and elegance to your home decor with this versatile technique.
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Lime wash paint can bring a raw, wholesome aesthetic into the home – here’s everything you need to know before you begin any DIY projects for the first time. Discover new ways to approach the holiday spirit, deck the halls in Eastern elements, garnish your tableware in inky blues or keep to classic infused with cultured traditions.

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The age-old art of applying faux finishes is the process of creating an imitation of a material with nothing more than paint and applicators

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Wow, the One Room Challenge has really been a journey! Originally I wanted to makeover our basement into a light, bright, creative studio for blog DIYs, a creative business, who knows the future when you have a big inspiring room to play in, right? But in Week 3, the basement flooded. In Week 4, it … Continue reading "One Room Challenge Week 5: How to Paint an “Old Wall” Look"

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Parchment glaze - 7 steps to success. Creating the impression of aged walls, the Parchment finish evokes a feeling of history and old world charm. The color density varies over the finished surface and creates appearances of lightly mottled parchment. A soft and airy finish, the Parchment glaze is an ideal way to create mood and character in any room.

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Discover how to create dazzling textured feature walls in living rooms. Learn which materials work best, crucial prep and installation tips, plus ways to decorate and maintain accent designs over time.

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