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Spark lively discussions with these engaging and fun fast talk questions. Get to know others better and keep the conversation flowing with these thought-provoking prompts.
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{DISCONTINUED} ••Have you ever happy you just wanted to embrace those feelings?•• This is what happened between A teacher and a Student "But! A relationship between a student and A Teacher is Illegal!" "--But that doesn't mean it's impossible" How could these Two different kinds,From different worlds Fallen for each other...? How does the ending of their Love? is it a happy ending? is it an unfortunate ending? Why don't you read the adventures between Y/N and Nightmare in this…

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A relationship is a regular job where you have to exert some effort and put in your best to stay in it. We all go into a relationship expecting to get the best out of it. We want regular dinner dates, a romantic stroll in the pack, a monthly couple’s vacation, and an exchange of gifts. However,

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