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Discover a collection of fashion words that inspire and empower. From trendy to timeless, these words will elevate your fashion vocabulary and enhance your style.
Find the perfect words to describe your style!  Click through to learn how to build a capsule wardrobe on! How To Describe A Dress, Words To Describe Clothing, Words To Describe Clothes, Personal Style Types, Socal Style, Capsule Wardrobe Mom, Build A Capsule Wardrobe, Words To Describe Yourself, Fashion Words

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe — Plant Based Bride

Have you ever woken up, looked at your closet full to bursting and thought: "I have absolutely nothing to wear."? Me too. How is it that you can own so many pieces and still feel this way? Maybe you're like me, surrounding yourself with mediocre pieces and wea

Elisa Stump
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Fabulous — Musings of a Modern Mermaid

I have never thought of myself as a particularly girly girl. I was always running around outside, playing in the dirt, not afraid to pick up the bug (as long as it wasn't a spider). I caught lizards every summer and when we would go camping, I would catch frogs and hold them against their will till

Madey Lynch
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The fastest and easiest way to pick your brand colors - Your Designer Templates

Hey girl, I get it, not everyone naturally knows how to work with color. So, the very idea of color branding can be overwhelming. But as business owners we simply can’t avoid the fact that color affects sales. Big Time. In fact, they say people’s product decisions are based 60-80% on color alone.I’ll let you