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Immerse yourself in the world of fantasy demons with mesmerizing art and illustrations. Discover captivating depictions of these mythical creatures and let your imagination run wild.
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"Vecteek!...Mighty Verminlord, Prince of Ruins and Desolation. Heed the summonings of Grey Seer Thanquol. Harken to the Voice of the Horned Ones Prophet....Vecteek!...I, Thanquol, servant of the Horned Rat, demand you to pass through this tunnel between worlds! Obey!" —Grey Seer Thanquol, summoning the Verminlord Vecteek[2a] A Verminlord is the sole Daemonic manifestation of the Skaven's minor Chaos God, the Horned Rat. These Daemons are by far the strongest and most fearsome beings the…

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