Family math night

Make math exciting for the whole family with these fun and engaging activities for a memorable Family Math Night. Explore top ideas to spark a love for numbers and problem-solving skills in your kids.

On Thursday May 5th, our school hosted our First Annual Family Math Night! Moraine Hills Public School in York Region District School Board Family Math Night is "a fun, shared experience that promotes family involvement with math, build strong family-school partnerships, create a sense of community, and connect family engagement to student learning" (Family Math Night, 2016). Our school had a team of educators from each division come together to plan and co-facilitate this wonderful learning…

Leah Valdez
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Everywhere I looked last night I saw people intent on making math. It was glorious! I mean, just look at these messes! Just look at the focus! Just look at all the ideas! Glorious. As a finale, I present three views of the interlocking cubes created by one participant. I also hasten to add that while there are lots and lots of materials provided, kids and adults are free to do with the materials what they will. This often leads to unexpected and marvelous personal discoveries and creations…

Andi Kumpf