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Explore your family ancestry and learn more about your heritage. Discover fascinating stories and connect with your roots through genealogy research.
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Golden Rules of Genealogy

I came across this neat graphic on the Got Genealogy? FB page. A simple summary of some “Golden Rules of Genealogy.” I love #1 – Speling Dusn’t Cownt. How many times have I talked with people who really get hung up on spelling. Typically, that changes once I show them how many ways I found their ancestors name or place of residence listed! Which is your favorite rule? What rule(s) would you add? Editor’s Note: the graphic contains a statement “You have our permission to use/publish these…

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How To Make a Family Tree Album - Family Tree Resources

One of the best ways of preserving your family history and to make the most of your research is to make a family tree album that can help you preserve the information for future generations. Making a family tree album can also help to bring all the family stories and pictures together so that your

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Keeping Track of Your Data (National Institute) | Family tree genealogy, Family genealogy, Ancestry family tree

Jan 2, 2019 - You may use genealogical software to keep track of each ancestor and generate pedigree charts and family group sheets. Find reviews of popular genealogical software programs on the GenSoftReviews website.

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Genealogy Explained: "Do Siblings Have the Same DNA?" Graphic

Mark Orwig is the writer of the Genealogy Explained website, and he has created a neat graphic to explain the answer to the question posed in "Do Siblings Have the Same DNA?" I encourage all of my readers to read the entire article because the science is interesting and the "deck of cards" example is familiar to most of us. The graphic is: Pictures are always better than many words, and this graphic shows why siblings (assuming they aren't identical twins) may not have the same ethnicity…

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