Fairy circle

Create a magical garden with enchanting fairy circle ideas. Transform your outdoor space into a whimsical oasis with these captivating fairy circle designs.
medieval manuscript equating the 'tree of life' with the amanita mushroom. Fruit Défendu, Adam Et Eve, Art Visionnaire, Sacred Plant, Medieval Ages, Art Sacre, Psy Art, Les Religions, Medieval Manuscript

The best known-and perhaps most inspired-literary mushroom of all is the one nibbled by Alice in her Adventures in Wonderland. Eating from one side of the mushroom makes her grow larger, eating from the other side makes her shrink. It's possible that author Lewis Carroll knew of the properties of Fly Agaric. One effect of this hallucinogenic fungus is to make objects appear larger or smaller in the user's eye. In recent times it's no surprise to find fungal references at "Hogwarts School of…

annie le roux | stone cottage