Facial anatomy

Learn about the intricate details of facial anatomy and how it influences our appearance and expressions. Explore the key structures and functions of the face to enhance your knowledge in the field.
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3D Model of a Male face. It has color-coding allocating the facial muscles. However, this is more of an art than an information piece. Our book "Anatomy of Facial Expressions" goes into a deeper description and studies of human facial muscles. https://anatomy4sculptors.com/collections/books/products/anatomy-of-facial-expression-paperback

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Hi girls and guys ! This is a tool for helping artists who needs lights references on human face. You can move on the timeline to find the direction of the light you need ! There will be more update soon like skull and a woman face. Happy to share this with you, feel free to share it :) (This head was inspired by the Asaro head) !!! Please do not copy the 3D model for resell !!!

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On first look, mid-cheek looks like one big uniform chunk, but it is instead composed of lid-cheek, nasolabial, and malar segments. To achieve a realistic form, create these segments separately and then blend them together. Be careful cause if you make mid-cheek too uniform, the person will look swollen. If you accentuate each segment too much, on the other hand, the person will look older. https://anatomy4sculptors.com/

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