Exercise for bad back

Discover a range of exercises that can help alleviate pain and strengthen your back. Take control of your health and start incorporating these exercises into your routine for a stronger, healthier back.
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BONUS: You may have heard that excess body weight can contribute to back problems. One thing that any medical professional worth his or her degree will tell you is that losing weight is ideal for general health— including back pain. Here’s the deal, obesity is becoming more and more common. And the numbers on back pain are startling— 80% of Americans will visit the doctor for back pain at some point in their lives. Losing that extra weight you’re carrying can help prevent back problems in…

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10 Minute Bodyweight Ab Workout This is a fun yet simple bodyweight ab workout follow along that you can do right from home. The bodyweight ab workout can be modified with weights (as you will see in the video) to make it even more challenging. If you are dealing with persistent low back pain and [...]Read More

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