Eucalyptus tree

Enhance your garden with the beauty of eucalyptus trees. Explore top ideas to incorporate these elegant trees into your outdoor space and create a tranquil oasis.
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Many plants are beautiful, but not all are beneficial in a garden. Some of the most eye-catching cultivars can be invasive, poisonous, or attractive to unwelcome insects—issues you probably don't want to deal with. Check this list for 15 trees, shrubs, and other plants you should think twice about before planting on your property.

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If you know me, you know that I am a plant collector. I enjoy adding unique varieties of different species to my green space for both biodiversity & for enjoyment. I currently have 3 collector plants: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, & Lavender.But I must say, eucalyptus is the plant I am most enamored with. It is TOP of my list anytime I hit a nursery! It has many uses, and it's versatility of color and fragrance lend it to MANY a DIY project! There are many reasons for my fascination, so I am here to…

Jacquelyn Rose-Just