Ethnographic Research

Discover the fascinating world of ethnographic research and gain deep insights into diverse cultures and societies. Learn how this research method uncovers unique perspectives and drives meaningful change.
Sketchnotes from The Research Thing "Lifting the lid on ethnographic research", 2 December 2013 (Drawn by Makayla Lewis) | Flickr - Photo Sh... Ethnographic Research, Sketch Note, Writing A Research Proposal, Research Writing, Essay Prompts, Essay Writing Help, Admissions Essay, Research Skills, Dissertation Writing

Sketchnotes from The Research Thing "Lifting the lid on ethnographic research", 2 December 2013 (Drawn by Makayla Lewis)

Event information: Speakers: 1. No Place like Home: Building Happiness into Dementia Care, Jenny Holland 2. Research with families in crisis, Jake Garber 3. Ethnography for eCommerce, Annette Priest Blog post: ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. These photographs are presented here for viewing purposes ONLY. They are NOT royalty free images and may not be used for commercial or private use. Any such…

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What can you do in 2013 to make a difference for a caregiver? A new campaign aims to raise awareness and crowd source ideas to help support caregivers in 2013. Study Guides, Ethnographic Research, Home Safety Tips, Intercultural Communication, Cultural Differences, Financial Management, Business Finance, Bad Timing, Caregiver

AARP Resources for Caregivers and their Families

Information for those either just beginning their caregiving journey or veteran caregivers looking for more tools and resources online. Everything from home safety tips to financial advice are available. Connect with other caregivers from all walks of life to share personal experiences.

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Ethnographic Experiential Futures

We shape our images of the future, and meanwhile they shape us. A Field Guide to Ethnographic Experiential Futures, version 1.1, June 02017 (pdf) (Update 03june19: This post and framework have attracted quite a bit of interest over the past couple of years. We've now published a peer-reviewed academic article, in open access, laying out EXF in the Journal of Futures Studies special double issue on Design and Futures. That full piece is available in pdf here.) *** At the Design Develop…

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