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Reference Photos — Fine Art Pastels by Phil Bates Nature, Good Reference Photos, Natural Reference, Environment Photography, Canon Eos R, Gouche Painting, Reference Photos For Artists, Digital Painting Techniques, Scenery Photos

Reference Photos — Fine Art Pastels by Phil Bates

At least half of my painting effort goes into shooting good reference photos. I “create” my composition in the viewfinder and shoot with as wide dynamic range as possible. Lately I have been using a drone to get shots that would have been impossible before. In order to get the widest dynamic range, I shoot bracketed photos at different f-stops then process them on my computer with Photomatix. I shoot thousands of photos, often visiting the same places at different times of day to find…

nestor romero
"Early sunday morning" - Last part on Behance Environment Photography, Scene Aesthetic, Life Drawing Reference, Architecture Concept Drawings, Perspective Art, Human Poses Reference, Mood Light, Cinematic Photography, Environment Concept

"Early sunday morning" - Last part

Voilà donc un peu moins d’un an que j’ai quitté Montréal. J’y repense souvent. Je me souviens de ses rues, du détachement et de la fantaisie de sa population, je me souviens de sensations éprouvées en photographiant alors que je souhaitais réaliser une po…